LeadMaster History

LeadMaster History

Founded in 1998, LeadMaster had a vision. To bridge the gap between sales and marketing.

Back in 1998 there wasn't cloud computing, on-line CRM or on-demand applications. LeadMaster was a true pioneer. Shortly after the first version of the software was rolled out several high-tech companies saw the benefit of both web-based CRM and not having to host the applications themselves. Shortly after launching the product back in 1998 the first large customer signed up - Compaq.

Since that time millions of dollars have been poured into the development of the LeadMaster platform. At the heart of the system is a CRM database but dozens of applications have been built on top of the database to add workflow automation, email marketing, outlook integration, lead nurturing etc.

Today LeadMaster has tens of thousands of users around the world. Companies from many industries enjoy the benefits of an easy to use, yet powerful platform. Some of the industries include finance, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, call center, mortgage, real estate and of course high-tech.

LeadMaster is a privately held company with a mission to deliver powerful web-based contact management tools for effective distribution, tracking and data mining of sales leads. Its founders offer a wealth of experience and expertise in a variety of fields, including marketing, sales and information technology.